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Quick and inexpensive. Whether small control units or complex Linux systems, FOTA Delta reduces updates down to small software packages with short download times. Thanks to their high compression, Delta updates significantly reduce installation time.

Getting regular software updates is something that everyone expects nowadays. They provide new features and functions and eliminate security gaps. However, for devices with low data transmission rates in vehicles or for mobile devices, the size of the data package to be transmitted is a critically important factor. Large data volumes with lengthy download times result in long waiting times when the new software is being installed.

Our innovative FOTA Delta software solution is able to identify and compress only the data required for the update and transmit it quickly to the corresponding device.

The FOTA Delta Generator reduces the data volume to be transmitted to the difference between the old and new software version, making it possible to save up to 96% of the original software file size. To accomplish this, special algorithms are used to achieve particularly high reduction rates for executable programs. After that, a special process is employed to significantly reduce the size of the data package, whereby a compression of up to 30% higher than other solutions can be achieved, as studies have shown.

The FOTA Delta Installer quickly installs updates on small control units as well as on high-end devices or any other target systems. The high speed results from the fact that only the differences in a software or firmware version already installed in the system need to be transmitted in the form of a Delta update package. This means that the Delta update delivers the same results as a full update in a way that saves resources at the same time.

The dedicated security concepts employed also make it virtually impossible to download incompatible software. In addition, our process ensures that, even after an interruption, the installation will be completed successfully once the system has been restarted.

FOTA Delta enables you to install all types of firmware or software on target devices quickly and inexpensively. Thanks to minimized download times of significantly smaller software packages, carmakers can now distribute regular software updates to their customers without requiring long vehicle stays in the workshop.

Starting from the end of 2017, different versions of FOTA Delta will be available in North America, Europe and Asia. From small IoT systems to Electronic Control Units (ECUs) with AUTOSAR, and right on up to such POSIX-enabled devices as QNX, Android, and other Linux systems – Bosch SoftTec will provide you with all the support you need for the successful integration of the software.


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How FOTA Delta works:

1. The FOTA Delta Generator creates a Delta file, whereby the old and the new software versions are compared with one another and the program parts of the new version that are different to the old version are extracted and packed.

2. The reduction of the data to the delta and the following compression process are key in reducing the update to a minimum.

3. Data distribution via the cloud ensures the quick delivery of the software packages, which means that even slow systems, like the devices installed in vehicles, can be updated quickly as a result.

4. The FOTA Delta Installer checks the new version for installation on the target system on the basis of the existing software or firmware version and the information in the Delta file. The sections that deviate from the existing version are identified and replaced.


  • The Generator currently runs on Linux systems (32/64 bits) and will also run on Windows systems in the future.
  • The Delta Generator can be expanded. Such other volumes as databases, navigation data, etc. can be added as required.
  • The Installer is available in different versions to cover as many domains as possible: Automotive, PC, Mobile, Smart Home, IoT
  • The Installer can be used on systems including a bootloader (without OS), Android, Linux, Windows, AUTOSAR, making it possible to update all the popular operating systems.
  • The Delta process can be seamlessly integrated into the release process of a device or system manufacturer. At the points where the release is generated, the Delta Generator also generates the Delta release so that it is available for downloading to update the device.


For consumers:
  • Savings in terms of costs and time thanks to the reduced data volume
  • Reduction in data volume of up to 96%
  • Up to 30% higher data compression compared to existing solutions
  • Quicker installation of software updates, features and patches
  • Shorter update cycles
  • Distribution “over the air” instead of stationary updates
  • Shorter interruption or limited usage times
For vehicle manufacturers:
  • Cost reduction thanks to quicker updates
    • Shorter vehicle stays in the workshop
    • Shorter downtimes for use in the field
    • End-of-line programming (at the end of the vehicle production process) with shorter cycle times
  • Reduced memory requirements for software updates (e.g. in the backend)
  • Allows for security updates at short notice by feeding in smaller patches
  • Minimized load on the transmission channel (BUS load) leads to more efficient parallelization of several target devices
  • Can be used in hardware in different quality classes independent of the manufacturer
  • Simple integration in existing products thanks to the software interfaces provided
  • The Delta process is a full part of the Bosch FOTA solution • No restrictions compared with a full update
  • Minimal risk thanks to cooperation with Bosch as an experienced automotive supplier

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