Experience & experiment

At the mySPIN office

Our embedded software is based on years of experience in car infotainment and knowledge of market trends. We provide flexible and innovative solutions in order to meet the specified requirements of our customers.

What we believe

Bosch SoftTec is a place where creative thinking and innovation are encouraged. We believe in flat hierarchies and a supportive corporate culture where each of us has room to explore our ideas and develop our talents.

We understand that true innovation requires a willingness to experiment and a continuous awareness of developing trends.

We believe the challenges of the future will not be solved by isolated products but by an ecosystem of products, applications and talented people – all working together in synergy.

Our core skills

  • Automotive software
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Integration of smartphones and personal device
  • Market trends in the connected car, infotainment, and automotive technology
  • Customized engineering services

The next level of your career starts here

You’ve got a head full of ideas and the technical skills to bring them to fruition.
You’re looking for a space to develop yourself and explore your potential – a place where you’re limited only by your imagination.
You’re a true futurist who believes that digital technology can and will make life better for everybody.
If this sounds like you, it’s time we got to know each other.

Where tradition and innovation collide

Working at Bosch SoftTec isn’t exactly like working at a big company, but it isn’t exactly like working at a small one either. It’s a little bit of both. Our company culture is a mix of tradition and innovation. We have the history, prestige and expertise of Bosch behind us and a whole new world of technology ahead of us. By combining the resources and strategic strength of a major corporation with the fearless attitude of a startup, we’ve created something truly unique: a new breed of technology firm.

Where work isn’t all about work

We believe that creativity doesn’t come from nowhere. It has to be nurtured and developed. So we’ve done everything we can to create a working environment where creativity can thrive, where the downtime is just as important as the uptime, and where coming into the office doesn’t feel like coming into the office.

It’s all about the people

Inspiration comes from many places, but nowhere more so than the people around you. At Bosch SoftTec, you’ll be working with colleagues who are smart, switched on and serious about building the future. People just like you.

Open positions in Germany
Open positions in Serbia



Hildesheim / Berlin


Headquarters & mySPIN App Center Europe
150+ employees

Our headquarters and European App Center are located in Hildesheim, an important business hub in northern Germany where established firms rub shoulders with innovative startups. It’s the natural home of Bosch SoftTec, because our company embodies the values of both big and small business. We combine the experience and expertise of the Bosch Group with a young firm’s ambition to build the future. We have also opened an office in Berlin, one of Europe’s hotspots for emerging technology and creative talent.

Shanghai / Suzhou


mySPIN App Center China
10+ employees

Through our China App Center, we strategically screen the market for new trends and ideas. We work closely with more than 30 local app companies, the best in the business, to develop solutions for Chinese customers. In a spirit of open collaboration, we’re helping each other to grow and improve and to constantly push back the boundaries of the digital economy.

Palo Alto

North America

Strategic Market Screening & mySPIN App Center North America
10+ employees

Our North American App Center is located in Palo Alto, California. With its atmosphere of innovation and big thinking, Silicon Valley attracts the best and brightest people from top universities around the world. And we benefit enormously from the available talent.



Test, Software Development & mySPIN App Center India
15+ employees

Our India App Center is located in Bangalore, one of India’s most important cities. Many of the leading IT firms have a presence here – not for nothing has Bangalore been nicknamed the „Silicon Valley of India“. This thriving IT environment is a great asset for our App Center: it attracts many qualified developers and lets us work closely with some of the best third-party app companies in the world.



30+ employees

With its strong univerity-skilled, competent engineering force, the Belgrade site is our third pillar in Europe, in addition to Hildesheim and Berlin. All SoftTec projects have their counterparts and teams in Serbia. With its growing dynamics, the Belgrade-based team is taking more and more responsibility on a daily basis, providing the German headquarters and worldwide projects with its software engineering excellence.

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