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Personal Assistance

People want to be connected at all times – at home, at work and on the road. We have developed a personal assistance service platform with a natural voice-controlled interface suitable for car infotainment, smart home, health care and other uses.

Functions and features

This intelligent information assistant gives safe and convenient access to relevant, up-to-date information from cloud, smartphone, vehicle or home appliances. The personal assistant makes it easy to operate functions and applications by natural voice. It can, for instance, help users to find a destination quickly, send a text message, change the temperature, and make an appointment, all through voice input alone.


Learn how the personal assistant works in the car:

What is more, the system is designed to assist users by learning what is important in different situations and then supplying the relevant information at exactly the right moment. It can, depending on users’ preferences, make proactive recommendations in line with their interests.

The personal assistance platform creates a seamless backend with one single, consistent interface across all applications. The same information becomes available across all of users’ devices; for instance, the heating at home can be controlled from the car.

The personal assistant provides tailored information and assistance services on one platform…

  • … for different application domains
  • … for different user devices
  • … for different integration solutions

As it is also designed to work with any external service, it can be fully integrated into the OEM backend with the OEM’s look and feel. The personal assistance platform offers the full data control and privacy required for the creation of a CRM channel.


For consumers:
  • Safe and easy access to all available information and applications
  • Supplies relevant information proactively
  • Natural voice-based, adaptive and inspiring interaction with the user
  • Intelligent and context-aware discovery, pre-selection and pre-processing of information
  • Makes it possible to obtain use cases and information from any information domain
For manufacturers:
  • Modular service platform allows fully tailored voice assistant service solutions
  • Flexible choice of HMI and backend technologies
  • Flexible integration into existing cloud and device platforms
  • Re-use of cross-domain functionalities cuts costs while offering fast TTM

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